Thursday, February 24, 2005


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Alberto held the straight razor tightly as he gazed into the mirror. His freshly shaven face glistened slightly. He teen photos the gallery nude post teen tgp thumbnail galleries of teens with bubble and the razor. He whispered. "A scar, a rebel needs a scar." He placed the razor down on the sink with a smirk. Rebel... Alberto knew he was no rebel. He wiped his face with a towel and then gently hung it on the hook. He looked back into the mirror, ran his hands through his dark black hair. He looked closer, at the hint of gray creeping in at his temples.

He laughed, "The people call me a hero." tight butt teens into the bedroom he noticed the woman had not stirred. "She sleeps through my rebellion," he whispered.

Some people called him a hero others called him assassin. Hero... assassin? The only difference was in the people who called him those things. Some wore rags and the others fine suits and clothing. "I am but a man. I eat, sleep, breathe and yes even this," he said pulling the teen photos chain to the toilet.

He stepped into the bedroom. The woman in his bed had still slept. teen nudist clubs last night he smiled, she was an enthusiastic lover, at one point even climbing on top of him and riding him as she came twice, pulsing her italy teen sex cunt over him in a wet splash of ecstasy. Then she climbed off him and took him into her mouth, draining him like no one before. Amazed at her appetite, he xxx teen nude her lick the last droplets of his come from his softening cock. She later fell asleep resting her head on his thighs.

Now her long black hair lay twisted and rumpled on teen russian post pillow. He thought of waking her and asians teens models her out. He thought of asking her to stay. She was young, beautiful and passionate. She was far too dangerous. Beautiful, passionate women were a need, for one to stay with him was a luxury. A thumbnails teen tiny kitty pics he could not afford.

Rather teen photos than wake her, Alberto grabbed his jacket and hat and stepped into the hallway. He quietly walked to the stairs and then carefully walked down, each step creaking under his weight. He paused at each landing, glancing back up the stairs, then down towards the door. Once downstairs, he gently pulled the burlap covering from the window and peeked outside. Everything was quiet so he opened the door and stepped into the empty street.

A tension seemed to leave him as he began to walk down the street. Outside gay teens boys free pics was free, away from the walls, the ceilings and the doors, the terrifying doors. He feared doors, the hand carved wood, the sensuous curve of the grain, patinaed hinges and knob, the powerful strength of the lock. It was all a lie. He had seen it. He had witnessed the door crashing down, exploding into splintered shards as the soldiers entered and took his uncle away. teen issues like masturbation
He had seen it again as they dragged off his teacher from the school. Like his nude teen pussy gallery his teacher never returned. Now he feared the door, any door he stood behind. Doors were a lie they protected no one. He continued walking over the cobbled streets.

He Teen Webcams looked at the buildings, teen sex webcams strange array of brick, plaster and wood. Some were scarred by bullet holes others were oddly untouched. This early in the morning most of the windows were dark, shades or covers pulled tight. He remembers a time when these streets were vibrant, people would shout greetings from the teen photos Neighbors would converse across streets, over the bustling traffic below. But now, the first time 13 sex story teen remained silent through the day. Neighbors feared each other and they feared the door, everyone feared the door.

Alberto paused and watched the sun rise over the tops of distant buildings. It shined through the haze in an almost pink. It was time for him to go to work. He crossed the street and headed back to his building. He walked faster now, intent on a purpose.

As he walked he thought of the movement, what the people called a revolution. He hated that word he was a patriot, not a revolutionary. He lived for his country. His uncle and teacher lived and died for this country. Alberto had done more. He looked at his hands and saw teen photos the stains, stains he couldn't wash away teen sex gallary matter how hard he tried.

At his building he tried to peer inside through the glass, but the burlap inside covered the opening. He quickly opened the door and headed upstairs. The stairs seemed to creak louder as he walked up to his room. The woman would teen bbs gb gone, quietly awakened, paid and whisked grirls teens by his friends.

He slowly turned the knob nude teens stepped Nudist Teen inside. Not bothering to lock the door he walked past the empty bed and sat at the chair. A stack of paper lay on the desk. After a few moments amateur teenie movies of thinking, he deftly grabbed his sword, dipped it into the inkwell and began another battle in the revolution. "Another poem in the war," he thought to himself.

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